March right into April

Well hello there, long time no see!

I’m a bit late with this one so I’m gonna apologise once to get all the excuses out of the way. I’m sorry that I’m not sticking to my time-plan! Like I said in the last one, things have been weird and heavy for me personally and at the same time it’s been a bit slow in the music scene. I’m working hard on improving and I’m sorry for any inconveniences! Just a heads up, I’m moving this week-end and it might lead to a further delay in me catching up plan, but I’m trying my best not letting this drag on any more that it already has done ^.^

With that out of the way, let’s dig into my thoughts on the k-pop scene from the month of March 2017. It’s moving places and it starting to feel more alive in comparison to February and January, but it’s not at it’s full 100% in my opinion. There’s promising things in the near future, like Broduce 101 finally started airing, Minzy‘s first solo album should be released this month (yey!) and the tone on the songs released in March has finally started to get that spring feeling to it! I’m hopping that the big guns will be brought out in April with full on happy songs and summer-vibes, but time will tell I guess.

Today I’ll talk about my findings from the month of March and that includes songs from B.A.P, Astro, Snuper, Brave Girls and lastly The Hans. So let’s begin!


B.A.P came back with an ep this month title Rose, and the song I liked the most on it is called Diamond 4ya

B.A.P is a six members strong group with members ranging in age from ’90-’96 who debuted back in 2012 under TS Entertainment. They started of really good and some even say that they were on the verge of making a BTS (an underdog in the music scene that challenged the groups from the big 3 in a successful way) but stumble on problem and kinda disappeared for a while. That problem was the members them self suing their company for unfair profit distribution and treatment. They ended up settling with TS Ent. and has been back since 2016 but has struggled to win back their fan base.

Rose is their latest eps, a really short one with only 3 songs and all three feels like it’s made for three different groups. The first song Dystopia has a heavy j-rock feel to it, second song Wake me up is also a busy song with a lot background noises but leans more to radio electro genera than anything ells and lastly we have my favourite, Diamond 4ya.

It’s a electro based song with those wavy sounds that’s really popular in k-pop right now (you’ll find them in Jun.K‘s Think about you to name one), but there’s also a out of tune eccoy piano in the backing track that I like. The singing is alright, a bit to slow in the verses, but catchy in the chorus. One of the reasons I like B.A.P is one of the rappers (Bang Yongguk) deep voice and he pulls a lot of the weight in this song. This is a song I like fairly much, but I feel like if I’m in the mood for listening to B.A.P songs there’s better ones out there (for instance That’s my jam, Confession & 1004 (Angel)). Diamond 4ya is maybe a 6 or 7 on my scale, how do you like it?

Next up we have Astro with Cotton Candy

Astro is also a six members strong group, but they are from the smaller company called Fantiago. This is a young group, they debuted early in 2016, and the oldest member is a ’94 liner while the youngest was born ’00. Under their short time together they’ve released 4 eps, one for every season of the year. My favourite song from Astro is of the ep that represent the coldest season of all, winter, and is cleverly named Winter Dream.

Cotton Candy is a song with both a sweet & cute element to it as well asa few rap breakdowns that is more heavy sounding. I like that bipolar aspect of the song, but I understand if some people find it to be Frankensteiny. I think that without those breakdowns the song would have been way to sugar sweet for my taste! Now it’s kinda like a k-pop/k-hiphoptakeof Aerosmiths Walk this way with Run DMC.

What I really like with this song is the base, t’s quite strong and persistent in the verses which also is the part that’s filled with rap break downs. The choruses is more sweet and innocent (read regular kpopboy group type of song) and that’s where the more christmasy-feelings get front seat with a piano sling. Over all it‘s a good song!


Moving on to Snuper‘s Platonic Love!

Snuper is the first k-pop group from the company Widmay Entertainment, which otherwise houses popular actors and actresses. They debuted November 2015 and has in their short carrier released 5 ep and/or mini albums. So we know that they are working hard, but what ells can we say about them? Well the oldest is a ’92 liner and the youngest ’96, they had a reality show named Snuper Project that ran for 5 episodes (I guess that they didn’t have that much to show..? :p) and one of the members, Taewoong, has been in a lot of korean dramas and even in 2 movies starting his actor carrier in 2002.

But we are here to talk about the music now, aren’t we? And the song I like the most from Snuper is Platonic Love. I haven’t run across a song with that heavy ’80 synth pop feel to it since.. well, this is the first I guess! This song is heavily influenced of A-HA and other groups from that era who thrived of that synth pop sound. And I absolutely love it!

The vocals is not the main thing in this song, the backing track is. And it’s a good thing in my opinion. Sometimes I just want to listen to amazing vocals and really good singers, and sometimes I just want to listen to the song as an entity. Platonic Love fits perfectly in the second category for me. This song gives me happy feelings about times when you just dance out your feelings without worries.

Let’s talk about Brave Girls and their song Rollin

Brave Girls are from the company Brave Entertainment and they are famous for getting songs from the producer Brave Brother whenever he isn’t busy with other groups (like as for the last year or two). They debuted back in 2011 but have gone under huge changes so the current line-up is from 2016. This song Rollin’ is from their ep with the same name that was released March 7.

To get one thing out of the way, I’m not that good with girl groups that goes with really girly themes and/or yells more than sings in songs. I usually goes for the more laid back female singers that sings in a range that I theoretically can sing along in.
Rollin’ has a steady beat that you can get up in speed with when out walking without realising that it’s kinda fast, or a good beat to dance with, depending what type of person you are really. There’s a tropical break down in the chorus that’s okay, not that special nor boring. The song stronges t point is however the aggressive yelling in the chorus!

Now you might think “Well that’s quite conflicting with what the writer just said where her preferences O.o”, and you are totally right! The thing with Rollin’ is that the yelling is balancing on the line of being too much for my liking, and that brought the song to one of my favourite song of the year. Call it a love/hate relationship if you like. One day I just woke up with the “Lollin’ lollin’ lollin‘!” part in my brain and I couldn’t escape. (And yes, the song is called Rollin’ but they pronounce it like Lollin’ throughout the song).


The last song I’ll talk about in this post is One more night by The Hans

I guess I’ll have to start of with saying that this isn’t k-pop. This song is actually the best britt indie rock song I’ve heard (I’m guessing a bit since I don’t really listen to british indie rock). It’s just a korean indie band that preforms it..

The Hans is a young up and coming group in the indie rock band scene. They released an album in 2016 called Boys be Hans (that’s where this song, One more night, is from) and an ep early this year called All about Hans. So it’s safe to say that they are hung up on the name Hans. By the shear information in english I could find on this band I’m gonna assume that they haven’t really hit it big yet. Even their Spotify count is low (90 listens to any of their 11 songs in 11 days is really low).

Here I am writing a top list of korean song every month, and the winning song in March, by far I might add, is completely in english. Let’s let that sink in for a bit.

So why do I love this song? Every instrument that is played gets to shine in different areas of the song. Not like every instrument get a highlight moment where everything ells gets tuned out, but more like they all have a melody that compliments each other in different palaces. And the singers voice is fits perfectly for this type of song! It’s full of emotions in all the right places so it feels like he’s singing a personal letter to a beloved one where the relationship has fallen on bad terms. 2/3 into the song there’s a break, followed by a build-up with all the instruments and the song ends with all elements on full thrust; the singer yells repeatedly and the backing track is turned up to 11.

And I know that the song is completely in english but there’s parts in this song where I have no clue whatsoever what the singer says! And in this case it’s a good thing, it leads me to listen more on the instruments in the song. One more night is one of the songs I would define as a full scale epic song in all of it’s senses. It’s genera defining, moving and it lingers with the listener even after the song is over.


This is all I have for you from this month, I’m planning on changing the layout more drastically to next post to make the reading more light. I want to write in depth about my favourite song or two, but I’ll try to shorten the length of the posts over all. So instead of 10 songs I’ll try out 6 songs in the next blog, 2 or 3 favourites and 3 honouring mentions. I hope you’ll come back and see the new formate in a week or two!

Have a wonderful day/night and stay healthy 🙂



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