Like a Snowflake pt.2

(From 2017.02.13)

Hello again!

I’m back with the rest of Like A Snowflake, and luckily this part is a bit shorter than the last post 🙂 I hope that you’ll enjoy the read, and feel free to leave a thought or two on your way out!

I’ll start part 2 of with Zion.T – The Song

So Zion.T is finally back with a new album! I’m not a huge Zion.T fan but there is a few songs of him that I adore. He recently moved over to Tablos HIGHGROUND label and a lot of his fans has expressed concerns about him chancing his image/sound after the move. HIGHGROND is under the YGE umbrella so some fans think that YG himself would force Zion.T to become an idol. His fans should have more faith in him or stop calling themselves his fans in my opinion.

I gave the album, OO, that The Song is on a listen as a whole and granted, I’ve only listen to Zion.T’s singles before so I might be wrong. But OO sounds Zion.T weird. Maybe a bit more jazz/rap influenced (which is an awesome combination if you ask me) than his previous releases? I thought that OO was a solid album as an entity anyway. It’s a bit short, only 7 songs (and one of them appears to been released in 2015) but it still felt like his work. If you only gonna listen to one song other than The Song from this album I highly recommend Wishes!

The Song starts of with a piano playing in the background, and that sling stays throughout the song. Then a drum beat is added, then a base comes in and lastly a guitar joins the instrumentals. I really like that build-up, it feels sophisticated and simple. Zion.T raps in this song and I have a bit of conflicting feelings about that part. It’s not extremely bad and it fits the song quit well, I just think that his voice is more suited for singing/mumbling. I feel happy listening to this song. And I love the ehlalalala, ebababababa! Just like Your song by Elton John this song feels like a gift, a precious gift that will last for decade.


Next up we have Beat Win with the song Rising Sun

This song was released early in December, but as I was late to discover it. I should maybe state from the get-go that I like this song for reason that might sound rude, but I’ll try my best to explain it in a non-condescending way!

If I like a certain part in a song that otherwise is not so good I’m able to blur out the parts that I don’t like. It’s like the “bad”parts is a transportation you need to take to get to the good stuff, and if those “bad” parts just are less good or you know, not awful, I’ll continue listen to that song for the good parts. And that’s the case with Rising Sun for me.

The parts that I like are the rap parts. And the funny thing is that I also like how they sing on top of the rap part! It’s like someone had a slow ballad with a beat song ready and they gave it to Beat Win and Beat Wins two rapper was like “But hey, where’s the rap parts? We can’t sing, you know that. What should we do if we don’t have rapparts?”, and someone answered with “Shoot! I knew we forgot something.. Yeah, this song is good as it is so we don’t wanna chance it too much, how about you just write rap parts and we’ll slide them in really discreetly under these da-da-da parts? It will be totally cool and we’ll make it sound like it was meant do be like that!”. And then they didn’t make it sound like it was meant to be like that at all…

It’s safe to say that I don’t love this song. I do listen to it regularly, but I don’t think that I’ve actively listen to it. I listen to the parts I like and while the other parts come up I stop focusing on the song and starts day-dreaming. And the mv is terrible by the way! It’s just them walking in empty run-down alleys but they do it looking rally bad, it looks like the stylist lost his/her mind while dressing the group. Two of them tries to look like they belong in high fashion runway, two others look like they really badly want to fit in with the punkcrowd but they don’t quit get how to look like punkrockers. And I don’t know what the last guy is doing, but it’s not looking good anyway…

I think that I missed the part of not sounding condescending while rambling about Rising Sun but after all that being said I still goes back and listen to this song. And I guess that it means that I low-key like it?


To move on to something I do like we have Shin Yongjae with his ballad Lean on

Shin Youngjae is a member of the group 4men, a group that’s been around since late -90. 4men (and therefore Shin Yongjae) is under Happy Face Entertainment, a label that also houses groups like DalShabet, Dream Catcher and Minx. Witch is quit interesting ’cause 4men is more like Il Divo than, I don’t know, Seventeen.

This is a sweet slow ballad with a happy meaning behind it. He basically sings that he’ll be there for you if you need to cry and that it’ll be okay. I think I like this song more than other ballads that are out right now because of his voice and the backing track. Yongjae sings powerful emotions really well. And I like stringorchresta and pianos in all kinds of songs to be honest. Lean on might not be a song to hype about but it is a solid 7 in my book anyway.

The album Empathy as a whole is lacking a bit though in my opinion. 5 ballads, where Lean on me is the strongest and where most things happening, and 3 instrumential versions of the ballads is a bit .. boring? Ballads is however not my go to in kpop so maybe my thoughts is best to take with a grain of salt :p


Last but not least we have GraceTrick or Treat

I haven’t found that much about Grace but I know that she was on Unpretty Rapstar (she was eliminated in ep 8 of 10) and I think that she’s under a company called YYAC.

I like this song for several reasons. The song itself has a dirty bas sound and it sounds raw and heavy at the same time. Grace has a good flow in her rap, her voice is not too high pitched (I feel like a lot of female korean rappers has a too high pitched rap voice, like they force their voices to sound as high pitched as possible) and she has the right amount of feelings in it. The chores is easy to sing along with and it gets stuck in your head really fast. All these things makes me like the song pretty much as it is, and then I looked up the translated lyrics and those are pretty good as well! She gives her person of interest an opportunity to getting jiggy with her if that person makes the right move. So you could say that Trick or Treat is female empowering since she makes the decision about if things will get down or not. And we like that kind of thing, don’t we 🙂

Grace did release a song not too long ago called Zombie High but that song was not like this one. I haven’t checked her earlier stuff, songs from Unpretty Rapstar and such, so I’m a bit confused about what her style of music really is.

The point is that I like Trick or Treat and I think that you should at least check it out!


I think that will be all for music I found in the month of January. This was my first attempt at this “blogging” and doing it makes me realise the amount of work you have to put in a simple/short text. I think that I have a long way to go before I can say that I’m happy with the result, but at the same time I’m a bit happy about the fact that I at least started writing on it. I’m far from the level I want to be in both my english and my way to formulate my thoughts but the only way I’ll improve is to keep trying 😀

February is a short month so you’ll hear from me again in not that long time!



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